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Aimlessly wandering the streets with the hope of picking up a male for anonymous gay sex
Guy 1: Nick was out cruising until 3am last night.

Guy 2: Dam! That honky must have been craving the dick mad bro
by PokerAlice November 14, 2018
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โ€œOh fuck yeah, swab my nussyโ€

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Cruising is just driving around with no clear destination, at low speed. Mostly, you cruise with your friends and just chill.
What ya doin' tonight? Dunno, probably cruising downtown with my homies.
by Laureenz May 04, 2011
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a : to search (as in public places) for a sexual partner. b: to go about the streets at random but on the lookout for possible developments.
a: Let's go cruising the streets for a sex partner.
b :The cabdriver cruised for an hour before being hailed.
by Dennis James Perry August 08, 2003
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The act of driving around and going on a road you've never been on. Perhaps getting lost intentionally. Getting lost in the roads and not caring if you ever find your way back home. You're just out there looking for something but nothing at the same time. Turn off your phone, turn up the music and cruise.
Ben: Hey where'd Lucas go?
Johnny: He's just cruising man, who knows when he'll be back
by lburton October 20, 2014
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To drive in an vehicle aimlessly with no direction for an exended period of time.
Person 1: Hey wanna go for some ice cream?
Person 2: no man, I just wanna go cruising
by DarKj April 25, 2010
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