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Competition of speed in which the competitors start equidistant to a certain point that all racers attempt to reach. Whomever reaches said point first wins the race.
I finished third in the twenty-man race.
by Diggity Monkeez April 08, 2005
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In Texas Hold'em, or other similar poker games, "racing" is when two or more people are "all-in" with their chips and it is up to the cards and not betting to determine the winner.
Scott: I'm all-in.
Eric: I'll call.
Scott: Looks like we have a race on our hands.
by Aignam March 13, 2005
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Probably the most kick ass kid there ever was or will be. A total rockstar. Everyone loves this maniac! If you're not friends with a should be. Go out and pick up your very own Race today!
candace: "damn it! i went to get a race today, but i was told they are in way high demand."

sam: " oh i know! i am soooo glad i got mine before anyone else! "

candace: "Lucky!!"
by Samantha Sunshine October 27, 2008
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Made up shit that's tearing us all down because we all know that we are all Humans, but because of location, melanin and different Ethnicity/Cultures, we supposedly cougheuropeans believe that there is only Black, White, Red, Yellow and brown. They say they divided this up by facial features but that makes no sense because anyone can have any feature, exactly why I can't tell the difference between Ethiopian and Indian or Spaniards and North Africans.

Basically, it's just a made up thing that's hunnid percent invalid that only negatively divides us.
And its funny how people are using these negative words that divide us to create "peace" coughblacklivesmatter. EVEN SCIENCE DOESN'T BACK THIS SHIT UP CUZZZ DNA DONT AUTOMATICALLY TELL YOU YOURE "BLACK" OR "WHITE".
Stoop Ahh: Race?
Me: Useless
by Ur Sexc Sharmuta February 10, 2017
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To urinate. Derived and shortened from, "Race like a pisshorse" which itself is a play-on-words of the phrase "Piss like a racehorse."
"Wait while I use the bathroom, I need to race!"
by Punkypal June 08, 2007
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