Heights is the nickname of Cleveland Heights. It is known to be the most fun/interesting place on the face of the earth.

The funnest part of heights is definately on Lee Rd. and on Mayfield Rd.

There is always something to do around these areas.

If you are born in this area, you will most likely go to Fairfax Elementary School. There is a few optional middle schools.

Last, but not least, you will be going to Cleveland Heights High School (Heights). The livest school on the planet. Most people that went to this school grew up with eachother. From Elementary to High School.

This is a perfect neighborhood to grow up in.

...They say, if you werent born in heights, dont come to heights.
Yo, i cant wait to go to Heights next year. My whole family went to Heights High.
by Creativity Productions July 1, 2009
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1. A town in the Manasquan Sending District where the residents have an extreme sense of pride 2. A place where beer drinking and weed smoking takes place frequently 3. Best place ever
if you try to call Heights out, pain will probably be inflicted on you
by seton March 19, 2007
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Person: I've listened to hamilton but I haven't heard any of Lin's other musicals
Other person: you should listen to in the heights! It's really good
Person: I will, thx
by Itzacow August 21, 2017
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Where a lot of poor nigga's live and brag that they're from "the heights" like they are susposed to be bad asses or something.
"Yo man, you don't mess with me because I'm from the heights!"
by T.Wilson June 1, 2016
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a word to define the up most bestest thing that could happen for example your bubbles blasting
*a girl walks out of a room with a 12 dudes*
spence: she got da height
by masterwaster April 11, 2020
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A hood in Sacramento Ca, 95838 were niggas get money and get bitches. North side of the city and we dont fuck wit the Mob (Strawberry Manors). Del Paso Heights is the hardest hood in north Sac and if you slide threw talkin the wrong shit I beT you get yo shit split, we blood niggas out here except for Noglas crip niggas and were money motivated
Im from the heights.
by DeShawne February 3, 2008
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