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1. n. A computer error that was actually caused by the computer user.

2. n. The user of a computer who is too moronic to actually use a computer.

3. n. An alpha-numeric spelling of the word idiot.
1. "You say your floppy disk won't fit in the CD-ROM drive? It looks like we have another ID10T problem.

2. "I can't keep dealing with all these ID10T's! Yesterday, Jimmy tried to open his database by uttering, 'Open Sesame.'"

3. If you couldn't tell that ID10T is an alpha-numeric way of spelling idiot, you truly are an idiot.

by Jake July 29, 2003
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Slang word geeks use to describe people that don't know how to use a computer
Mr Johnson, I think your system is having an I-D-10-T conflict. I'm not sure if we can fix it...
by Bomni November 19, 2004
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Code name used to describe a situation where someone is having complex problems with a simple solution.

Also see pebkac
And you still dont get it, see idiot
After Jim called tech support to tell them that the cup holder on his PC's wasnt functioning, they labled his claim under ID-10T.
by echoes February 24, 2004
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An error, caused by the idiot behind the keyboard. He is usually blaming the tech support that his mouse is not working, regardless that it is not plugged in. He is absolutely sure that he is right and nothing can prove the opposite.

The error is read "ai-dee ten tee".
Customer - C
Tech Support - TS

C: Hey, is this the tech supply?
TS: Yes sir, this is the tech support. How can I help you?
C: My mouse is not moving!!
TS: OK sir, what operating system you are using?
C: Pentium!!!
TS (whispers to someone): Not again... we have "id 10 t" error...
TS: Sir, is your mouse plugged into the computer?
C: Fuck you, do you think I am an idiot? ... Let me check ...

(5 minutes later)

C: Thank you guys, you are experts!

(Hang up)
by Hristo Yankov March 04, 2006
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noun, 1. nerdspeak for idiot, "ID10T."
I told you not to let the office manager touch anything that uses electricity! That I.D.10-T pushed the reset button on the server.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 01, 2005
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person 1:look in to this, what does it say

Person2:I D 10 T so. . . wait u suck
by versedaaron December 07, 2007
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