1. n. A computer error that was actually caused by the computer user.

2. n. The user of a computer who is too moronic to actually use a computer.

3. n. An alpha-numeric spelling of the word idiot.
1. "You say your floppy disk won't fit in the CD-ROM drive? It looks like we have another ID10T problem.

2. "I can't keep dealing with all these ID10T's! Yesterday, Jimmy tried to open his database by uttering, 'Open Sesame.'"

3. If you couldn't tell that ID10T is an alpha-numeric way of spelling idiot, you truly are an idiot.

by Jake July 29, 2003
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A joke played on people (like the pen15 club joke) meaning idiot. u write it on their hands to make everyone laugh. lol
Wanna join the id10t club
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls April 29, 2004
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Slang word geeks use to describe people that don't know how to use a computer
Mr Johnson, I think your system is having an I-D-10-T conflict. I'm not sure if we can fix it...
by Bomni November 19, 2004
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The dumbest, and single most retarded person ever
When someone done not read the instructions and messes up the project
Person1 "that looks like an Id10t error if i've ever sewn one
by buttface headturds May 31, 2020
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Police Code for a person who is acting like an "IDIOT"
10-07 to Central, we have an id10t subject.
by Fire Guy December 6, 2002
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A form commonly used in U.S. bureaucracy, mostly military, as a form of light hazing for fresh recruits assigned to their first duty unit.
This works because of the way you say it as writing it down gives it away; it is pronounced "Eye Dee Ten Tango" as in "You forgot to get an id10t form from administration when you in-processed, go back and get one".
by Anglachel October 27, 2014
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A joke played on new military recruits. id10t is leet for idiot.
Sargent: Private, could you go get an id10t form from Administration?
Private: Sir, yes, sir!
Sargent: *snickers*
by Intelligence001 June 20, 2016
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