A club that can only be joined by writing "I love Pen15" on your forearm.
Person 1: Hey! Are you in the club?
Person 2: What club?
Person 1: The pen15 club!
Person 2: Cool! How do I join?
Person 1: Just write "I love Pen15" in your arm!
Person 2: *Writes* Oh shit.
by The Snick-Snack February 23, 2014
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A club in most middle schools around the country. Consisting of mostly prepubescent boys.

Each member receives a "club card" with their name and "Pen15 Club Member" on the card.

When the new member receives the club card then realizes that he/she has just joined the penis club.
Joe: Billy do you want to join the Pen Fifteen Club?
Billy: YES! I will conform to you all because I want to be cool and popular!
Joe (while snickering): Here is your membership card!
Billy: You wrote Pen15 Club! that is the same as the Penis Club! HAHA, OMFG, LMAFO, LOLZ!
by Red Sim February 23, 2010
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A cool club that you and your dad can join
person: Are you apart of the PEN15 club?

by jeff kin July 30, 2019
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