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A yandere is a character, usually female, who harbors powerful affections for another person to the point of either being jealous, aggressive, controlling, or downright insane and violent to the point of killing anyone(usually also female) that looks at their supposed love interest. Typically used to refer to anime/manga characters, but there are similar cases in the real world. (at least according to 2chan)
Basically, a yandere is a word you should run away from really fast. You may not live long enough to run, but you will live long enough to try.
by Intelligence001 November 06, 2016

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The way complete dumbasses who never payed attention in school spell Holocaust.
Person 1: When I learned about the hall of cost in school, I was so sad.
Person 2: Why are you people acting like the world's only messed up now? What about Slavery? What about the hall of cost? What is with you people?
Person 3: Do either of you know how stupid you both sound?
by Intelligence001 December 01, 2016

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A slang term for crying while observing something tearjerking, such as a sad film scene. This refers to both a ninja's alleged stealth abilities, and the irritation of the eyes by the fluids in an onion.
I was watching The Notebook yesterday. Damn ninjas cutting onions the whole time..
by Intelligence001 December 17, 2016

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As described by spongebob squarepants, to smeckledorf is to con someone in a way that isn't obvious until later. (Whether or not the conning turns out to not be the case isn't necessary.
I don't have a good record with health inspectors, not since the last one. To be fair, I didn't know if he was trying to smeckledorf me or not.
by Intelligence001 August 09, 2017

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The only thing that should be separated by color.
Unless you're talking about laundry, nothing is getting separated by color here. Take your racist ideologies out of here, and don't even think about coming back.
by Intelligence001 July 29, 2016

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A vicious creature that lives in the ocean and attacks campers. Here are some rules to follow to prevent attracting these beasts:
1. Don't play the clarinet poorly.
2. Don't wave an active flashlight back and forth. (Flashlights are considered natural prey.)
3. Don't stomp around; they take it as a challenge.
4. Don't eat cheese. (Cubed. Sliced is just fine.)
5. Never wear a sombrero in a goofy fashion.
6. Or clown shoes.
7. Or a hoop skirt.
9. In the event of an attack, do not run. They are agitated by it and will seize the opportunity to attack again.
10. Do not limp, either. They hate that even more than running.
In the event you detect a nearby sea bear, or otherwise feel unsure you are located in sea bear territory, draw a perfect circle in the sand, sit in the middle, and wait for the danger to pass. An oval is not sufficient.
Whether or not the sea bear exists is up for debate, as only one person is known to have survived a sea bear attack. (Witnesses claim he was incompetent enough to try all known ways to attract a sea bear.)
by Intelligence001 February 06, 2017

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To love someone with no strings attached.
It's a shame that unconditional love isn't more common nowadays.
by Intelligence001 July 28, 2016

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