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The last thing you hear your boss say before your sudden demise. Usually because you screwed up that one time. Oops.
by Intelligence001 September 6, 2019
Hatred of women. Often rewarded by a slap in the face.
Steven. Women belong in the kitchen.
Greg: Yeah, you might need to work on that habit of mysogyny. You might get slapped. Know what I'm saying?
by Intelligence001 June 19, 2016
Having gone totally nuts. Or, turned irrevocably stupid.
Yeah, Simmons thought there were frog people in his closet pilfering all his socks. I'm telling you, he's lost his marbles!
by Intelligence001 February 12, 2021
1: A large building that houses a contraption with a large set of sails that are spun around by wind, either to move a grindstone for processing grain, or a turbine to generate electricity.

2: A threat that doesn't exist. Derived from Don Quixote, who attacked a windmill with a lance thinking it was a giant.
"I would your worship take notice," replied Sancho, "that those you see yonder are no giants, but windmills; and what seem arms to you, are sails; which being turned with the wind, make the millstone work."
by Intelligence001 January 12, 2023
A set of clamps connected by insulated wires used to transfer electricity between vehicles. Also useful as a child disciplinary tool.
So, I was making myself a smoothie when I spilled it on the floor. My dad flipped and beat the shit out of me with a set of jumper cables.
by Intelligence001 May 24, 2020
An alcoholic beverage that is, for all points and purposes, gone.
...But why is the rum gone?
by Intelligence001 November 13, 2016
Person 1: I feel so meaty oaker sometimes
Person 2: Ever heard of a dictionary?
by Intelligence001 September 13, 2017