The feeling of wanting to do anything for someone, even lie; another way of saying fallen, as in love.

Also the past tense of sew.
You've got my heart in a headlock, you stop the blood, make my head soft, and God knows you've got me sewn.
by Javeson1 December 23, 2006
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When you’re so tired you can’t leave the bed for anything.
We wanted to go out tonight but Pav was too sewn in after today.
by Jared Taylor March 29, 2022
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when an article of clothing is produced and then screen printed all by the company thats selling it, rather than buying a big amount of hanes shirts and screen printing them with the companys own design, and selling them as their own. cut and sewn products are usually of a higher quality, which is why a simple t-shirt at supreme is $40.
supreme had a nice selection of cut and sewn shirts, but i couldnt bring myself to spend $40 for one.
by soflyyysofreshhh January 18, 2009
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On the verge of completing a task.
When a basketball team is leading by 20 points with 2 minutes remaining in the game. "We got this sewn-up"
by Shmalcolm May 15, 2016
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Said after ripping someone apart. Similar meaning to "eat shit." Often repeated as if part of a rapp.
"Wow, that guy just burnt you. Way to let up a touchdown."
"You don't even play.. sewn shut what up.."
by def sauce September 22, 2011
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