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Means that the person (or thing) is hott in bed. Extremely intelligent, and intellectual.
Guy 1: "I had fun with a sargent last night."
Guy 2: "Oh really? What did you do?"
Guy 1: "..."
by In Ur Mom December 02, 2006
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A woman who prefers to swim in a leisure pool with speedo swimming costume, goggles and hat of swim, than take care of her motherly duties.
Woman 1: hey did you hear about that lovely chap who's Mum has abandoned him, and who now lives with his step mum?
Woman 2: no way!!!!! What a flippin sargent she is!!
by Josmiles66 November 03, 2016
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A non binary persons kink name
Person one: You look so sexy today
Person two: Thanks Sargent
by Alltimelowbellion October 31, 2017
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