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When a male swings his body back with his penis or "Mr Johnson" firmly grasped in his hand with the intention of slapping a woman or women in the face with it, while saying "say hello to mr johnson"
The Crack whore was sitting on the computer chair waiting as he started to swing his penis at her face with the words "say hello to mr johnson" being said.
by morris chestnut August 06, 2009
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He's quite the dickhead despite having no dick at all. Always on his period and yells at everyone for no fucking reason, he can be demanding and a smartass. He thinks his shit don't stink but everyone knows it does. His hair looks like old spaghetti and his beard is ratchet. He is very annoying and his looks could kill anyone who stares long enough. He believes he's a king and god and his children are peasants that must serve his so unholy name. He also smells like octopuss shit and is ratchet as hell!
Bob: "Did you attend Mr. Johnson's bake sale yesterday? "
Joe: "No, I heard his products were ratchet. "
by Daddyrick May 27, 2018
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