iTunes related obsessive compulsive disorder. The need to properly order, tag, otherwise erase all "unknown artists" and "unknown albums" from your iTunes.
Jeff couldn't come out to the bars last name because of his excessive iCD.
by bastont2 December 19, 2010
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the icd is the international code of dibs see also dibs
prsn 1: hey i called dibs on that.

prsn 2: there is no such thing as dibs.

prsn 1: havent u ever heard of the ICD?
by Dustin1111 March 15, 2007
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When the US Intelligence community (IC) takes something you publish open source, strips off your name, claims they wrote it, and classifies your work TOP SECRET. Also known as a "TOP SECRET-buddyfucking (TS//BF)".
Whoa! That technical report I released publically is now classified and I have to shred my laptop, guess i got IC'd again!
by Bacon-made February 04, 2018
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