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You: "Yo bizzoss, why the FUCK did you fire my ass?"
Boss: "Nigga it's because you always show up here on CPT. You supposed to start at 9 and I NEVER see yo ass til 9:30!"
by Nick D February 15, 2003
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Compton, California. Many people will sometimes refer to Compton as "The CPT." It is an abbreviation for Compton and has been mentioned by rappers in various songs.
"I found some fine ass hoes in the CPT today!"

"We're gonna cruise the CPT in my 64!"

"Time to gangbang in the CPT motherfucka!"
by IceWarm October 10, 2004
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1-What time you gone be here
2-Five minutes


2-What up, I made it.
1-Where you been.
2-Man I been waitin for you
by agent March 06, 2003
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Abbreivation of "Compton, South Central L.A." in California
"Just cuz im from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me"- Fuck the Police- Ice Cube/N.W.A
by S|-|IVER July 18, 2005
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Referenced by many rap artists in the 80s-90s, it is the abbreviated form of "Compton". See also: L.B.C.
Just cause I'm from the C.P.T., punk police are afraid of me.
by Sulu October 29, 2006
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This abbreviaton stands for the city of Compton, California which is an inner suburb of Los Angeles County. Neighborhoods in Compton include: Sunny Cove, Downtown Compton, and the Richland Farms. The rap group N.W.A. uses the the phrase CPT in example one which is in the somg "Straight Outta Compton". Ice Cube uses it in example two which is in the N.W.A. diss song, "No Vaseline".
1. "Until Them Dumb Motherfuckers See Clearly
That I'm Down With The Capital CPT,
Boy You Can't Fuck With Me"

2. "With the L-E-N-C-H M-O-B, and ya'll disgrace the CPT."
by TheLastCuban December 31, 2009
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1) Colored People Time

2) The time in which the race of African Americans follow.

3) Usually about 30-45 minutes behind standard time.

4) When a brother is really late.

5) A time in which describes the difficulties of the black peoples to show up on time.
1. "Where where you at nigger?"

2. "Don't worry bout it brother. I'll be there soon!"

1. "Iight Sounds good G"

37 minutes later

1. "Yo where you at brother?"

2. "I Just go here"

1. "Damn nigga you on some real CPT"
by chese212 February 23, 2011
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