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The sound one makes when in a state of total confusion and/or while taking a pause mid-sentence.
Bob: Hey Suzie, doyawannalayme?
Suzie: Maybe, do you have any STD's?
Bob: Uhh... <prolonged "uhh">
by Niki January 07, 2004
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The sound that Master P makes in his songs...
"Make em say Uhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhh, Na Na Na Na!"
by jmay March 10, 2005
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"Uhh..." is used when one has nothing else to say or has absolutely no idea what is going on. It means that you are confused by something or that you don't care enough about something to give actual feedback. Usually used in awkward moments or used to turn moments awkward. Also used to avoid hurting someone's feelings by hiding your own true feelings.
Person A: Don't you just love this t-shirt?
Person B: Uhh...
by ImAMAZING February 20, 2012
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A sound you make when you are having sex.
It is exaggerated by added more h's to the word.
*especially used by sick minded males*
by unknown March 29, 2004
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Can take the place of any word in the english language. Can be person, place, thing, action, etc.
"Are you coming over tonight?" "uhh."

"What time is the uhh?" "uhh."

"I hope Michael Uhh is done killing dogs"

"Uhh scared, uhh now Im scared"
by meagl July 09, 2013
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