by regaljeg April 18, 2019
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The sound one makes when in a state of total confusion and/or while taking a pause mid-sentence.
Bob: Hey Suzie, doyawannalayme?
Suzie: Maybe, do you have any STD's?
Bob: Uhh... <prolonged "uhh">
by Niki January 7, 2004
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by uhh... November 5, 2002
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The sound that Master P makes in his songs...
"Make em say Uhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhh, Na Na Na Na!"
by jmay March 10, 2005
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When someone asks you something and you don't want to tell them so you just say uhhhhhhhhhh...
My Dad: How come you got 0s on all your homework assignments
Me: uhhhhhh...
by JHONNAY July 11, 2020
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A sound you make when you are having sex.
It is exaggerated by added more h's to the word.
*especially used by sick minded males*
by unknown March 30, 2004
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*takes a drink* uhh yeah that tastes good
by generikal.com April 27, 2003
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