Short for intellectual belittling syndrome. The main symptom of this syndrome is using a hostile, unprovoked thought-terminating tactic to avoid a real issue at hand in a discussion. This syndrome (also known as IBS) causes usually hostile people to try to diminish others mentally in a variety of fallacious ways and describes a common self-refuting debating tactic. This usually involves discussing a topic and telling someone else (who is perfectly qualified to discuss the issue) they "won't understand it because it's too complicated." This occurs most frequently with respect to discussions about economics, politics, nutrition, and computer programming. Connected with this syndrome is having a chip on one's shoulder and a lack of understanding of the fact that the burden of proof lies on the speaker to justify extraordinary claims.

This term was supposedly invented by Jerry Seinfeld, explaining how his Jewish relatives would come over to his house when he was a kid and try to one-up him in every way possible. At the core of it, an IBS sufferer has deep-seated insecurity issues provoking and propelling their supposed superiority.
Guy 1: Why does Allan always message me out of the blue and criticize me? I don't get it. He opens any discussion as if I'm below him, won't understand what he's talking about, and am a total idiot. Guy 2: This is unfortunately the communication style of a low net worth IBS guy. My best advice is to avoid people like that as much as you can if you plan to keep your sanity. Some people can't imagine living without trying to overcompensate in every area of life.
by Eric Kazinsky May 30, 2014
Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It's when your sphincter releases liquid hot magma loaf-demons unreservedly and without reason.
Cordova: Hey Jim, what's the deal? Why is there brown fluid spilling down your legs?
Jim: It's IBS. And it burns.
Cordova: Haha, it must suck to feel like a moron.
Jim: stfu bbq!
Cordova: Roflmao knewb, I'm not the one with IBS!
by October 3, 2005
Intelligent Bullshit--the stuff that is written and submitted for a grade that is essentially bullshit, but it sounds intelligent
"Dude, what did you write for your lab report discussion"
Nothing man just IBS
by DarwinsWetDream September 28, 2011
Itchy ball syndrome- when your testicles are overly itchy
Damn that interview was hard, i had IBS all the way through
by Jimothy durm October 28, 2015
My god Becka, chill that IBS, we'll be at Starbs in a min.
by sisthy November 29, 2015
Hey man, do you know of an inexpensive way to get beavers across the border? Yeah bro, I know an IBS who will do it for dirt cheap.
by heyhey(hey) April 9, 2006
Incredible Book Syndrome. A condition requiring frequent and prolonged trips to the bathroom in an attempt to finish a book with minimum interruptions from friends or family members.
I wanted to finish up Assassin's Quest the other night, but my wife wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars together, so I came down with IBS.
by tycho82 May 28, 2012