Means itchy ball sindrome, it is when a guy's sack gets itchy for no aperant reason and he can barely resist the urge to scratch
"I have major IBS."
"I have to go to the washroom and relieve my IBS."
by m man February 07, 2005
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IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a syndrome that causes Irratic, uncontrolable and usually Explosive Diarehhea.
Joe: Damn guy last night at the bar Ian's IBS was acting up again and he had a shit explosion on the dance floor!

Guy #1: Dag Yo!!!
by JoeyAnger69 November 13, 2007
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Itchy ball syndrome- when your testicles are overly itchy
Damn that interview was hard, i had IBS all the way through
by Jimothy durm December 27, 2015
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"dude, i got a case of the ib's, son."
"i told you not to sleep with shelia. she gave you crabs."
by grantaclause November 17, 2007
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