Don't funk with me. You are biting off more than you can chew. I'm more than just talk. You are starting a fight with the wrong person. "I'm not the one"
"I'll beat your A$$"
"I'm not the one"
by Lele skinny mini December 18, 2014
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I'm not the one you wanna play with
I'm not the one to mess with
I'm not the one who fuck with
Don't confuse me for someone else
Someone mistakes u for the neighborhood druggie and says..
Yo Junkie!
person would respond
Hey man, I'm not the one homie"

First day of school and bullies pick on new kid. New kid would say "try me, I'm not the onle"
by Sufferinsuckatash October 30, 2021
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to be high on any kind of drug. weed, cocaine, pills, etc.
"i'm on one the feeling ain't fair" - rick ross
by giftedd July 6, 2011
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Living life to the fullest, and not giving a shit what anyone thinks about how you do it. Even if that means spending all your money on the moments you remember of it.
Example 1
DJ Khaled feat Drake, Rick Ross and Lil wayne

"All I care about is money and the city that i'm from, Imma sip it till I feel it, smoke it 'til it's done.
And I don’t really give a f-ck, and my excuse is that I’m young, And I’m only getting older so somebody shoulda told ya I'M ON ONE"

Example 2
"Yo dog, that girl with you is hot as hell"

"Hell yes bro, I'm on one"

Example 3
theres a few planets made of awesomeness and hot sluts and money...and I'm on one.
by germ_53 May 25, 2011
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Same as saying "I'm on a roll". The saying means you’re doing well, you are successful or you are excelling at a task/job/life.
wow you got three promotions in one year!" "yea, I'm on one.
by twooni August 12, 2011
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Being on a drug that makes you feel on top of the world. Your mental capacity is greater than normal. You will be psychologically inclined with theories.
I will be traveling around the world so you bet i'm on one.
by Someone Great June 1, 2011
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Taking drugs and going out and having sex with strangers.
"Two white cups and I got that drink
Could be purple, it could be pink
Depending on how you mix that shit
Money that we got, never get that shit
I'ma sip until I feel it, I’ma smoke it till it's done
And I don't really give a fuck, and my excuse is that I'm young
And I'm only getting older so somebody should've told ya
I'm on one
I walk around the club, fuck everybody."
-Lil Wayne
by SlangThang October 30, 2011
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