The final form of bruhlius which is the final form of bruh
“Yo! That’s a charizard the final form of a charmander!” Said Hoondama
“Bruh” Said Anthoy

“Don’t you mean bruhlius?” Said Hoondama
“Yea but If I wanna be more of an intellectual ima say broman” Said Anthoy
“Bruh” Said Hoondama
by Hoon what now? June 9, 2019
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A roman bro. Can often be seen in his brostance exsponcing is broberries or tossing Brostians to lions.
Despite killing Brostians, the Bromans are now great friends with the Pope.
by J R. August 11, 2009
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A brother who sneaks in through your window to get a bite to eat out of your fridge and it's all good with you... because he's your brother, man.
"Don't make me show up in ya' crib like broman" - 50 Cent
by memoman September 29, 2009
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Complete bro. Wears beaters and has no muscle definition at all. Wears stupid shell necklaces. Often makes weird sounds such as: Aaalleeaahhh.
Dude. Brett's last name should definitely be Broman because he's a bro.
by silent sam October 3, 2008
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When all of your friends have the same haircut as you.
That group of guys have a unique bromane going on
by Georgeisafag April 3, 2018
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The totality of Bro beings : The Bro race : Bromankind
- “This is a great service for all bromanity!”
by A.K Of J Town April 18, 2019
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