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The final form of bruhlius which is the final form of bruh
β€œYo! That’s a charizard the final form of a charmander!” Said Hoondama
β€œBruh” Said Anthoy

β€œDon’t you mean bruhlius?” Said Hoondama
β€œYea but If I wanna be more of an intellectual ima say broman” Said Anthoy
β€œBruh” Said Hoondama
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by Hoon what now? June 09, 2019
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Oh you’re just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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The name for a persian male who lives in the greater Los Angeles area, usually attending either pacific palisades charter high school, beverly hills high school, taft, or even milken community high school (Daniela Iloulian and Gabi Safi), who over uses the phrases "bero" "dude" "man" "shet" "eeran"
These people also tend to spike their hair into a "fohawk," be really hairy, wear wifebeaters, hang out in places like westwood village, and have thick persian accents.

These people tend to have names like "Shawn" "Aryan" "Mahshad" "Josh" "Edwin" "Allen" "Fereidoon" and other hard to pronounce names.
These people are also the scum of the persian community.
Some even sell subway at school to many people. These specific people are excluded from the scum list.
Sam: Hey John, how was the party saturday night?
John: Ahh man it was so good until the bro-man's came and crashed the party. They brought baseball bats and crowbars for no reason, and just ate all the food.
Sam: That sucks! bro-mans ruin everything!
by supermandandan93 May 11, 2009
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A roman bro. Can often be seen in his brostance exsponcing is broberries or tossing Brostians to lions.
Despite killing Brostians, the Bromans are now great friends with the Pope.
by J R. August 11, 2009
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the most sacred bro-ship between bros the love bro level is just induvious but in like a total opposite of gay way
ME and my bro man just chilled back yesterday
by j _wo March 22, 2009
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the guy that lives on the 4th floor up martin's apartment.
"whassup bro man?!"

::comes through fire escape::
by thealleycat June 20, 2006
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