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An alpha female is one who pursues long term goals outside of the norm and often to obtain some form of power, such as a doctor with a private practice. An alpha female has a level of competition and desire to succeed and go her own way unlike the vast majority of the population. Yet alpha females still usually will not display sexual dominance (they will still generally enjoy being dominated by stronger males), but will display less fear in obtaining men that they want. This is connected to social intelligence in the sense that a person with high social intelligence performs well under adversity and doesn't get depressed and back down quickly in the face of challenges or rejection.
Guy 1: "Did that girl call you back last night?" Guy 2: "Yes she did. I've dated about 10 flakey unemployed women in a row. It's finally nice to be in a relationship with an Alpha female that has enough social intelligence and decency to call me back."
by Eric Kazinsky May 25, 2014

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A heat check is when you do something to check to see how hot you are. In basketball, this is done by taking a crazy shot to see if you are so hot, you can even make ridiculous shots. It is the most direct, non-subtle attempt to score with no strategy at all. In pursuing women, a heat check is a simple, direct statement made to a woman to see if she will be interested. A man is “just checking” to see if it works without needing more clever methods. The best heat checks involve minimal risk, because they are harmlessly “just checking” and not a full-blown attempt.
Guy 1: Why did you invite that girl to the bar with you so directly? Don’t you think it had zero chance of working?
Guy 2: Just a heat check. As long it doesn’t damage my chances at all with her in the future, it just checks to see if she might say yes to pure directness.
by Eric Kazinsky May 17, 2016

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If a man is getting deepthroated and he does not let the headgiver know when he is about to cum and, thereby spontaneously combusts a load of semen into the back of her throat so that she gags and sometimes asphyxiates herself, he is said to have "given her the cough syrup" or "a taste of her own medicine"
John was an agog tennis player. After he lost a painful match to a handicapped black guy he went home to his normally fawning wife. She was upset that he hadn't won his match so she wasn't willing to chug his cum conduit. Suddenly he forced her head down and made sure it went all the way down her throat, then he gave her the cough syrup, she was taken in an ambulance to the ER, and she died the next day due to internal bleeding.
by Eric Kazinsky November 21, 2005

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Short for intellectual belittling syndrome. The main symptom of this syndrome is using a hostile, unprovoked thought-terminating tactic to avoid a real issue at hand in a discussion. This syndrome (also known as IBS) causes usually hostile people to try to diminish others mentally in a variety of fallacious ways and describes a common self-refuting debating tactic. This usually involves discussing a topic and telling someone else (who is perfectly qualified to discuss the issue) they "won't understand it because it's too complicated." This occurs most frequently with respect to discussions about economics, politics, nutrition, and computer programming. Connected with this syndrome is having a chip on one's shoulder and a lack of understanding of the fact that the burden of proof lies on the speaker to justify extraordinary claims.

This term was supposedly invented by Jerry Seinfeld, explaining how his Jewish relatives would come over to his house when he was a kid and try to one-up him in every way possible. At the core of it, an IBS sufferer has deep-seated insecurity issues provoking and propelling their supposed superiority.
Guy 1: Why does Allan always message me out of the blue and criticize me? I don't get it. He opens any discussion as if I'm below him, won't understand what he's talking about, and am a total idiot. Guy 2: This is unfortunately the communication style of a low net worth IBS guy. My best advice is to avoid people like that as much as you can if you plan to keep your sanity. Some people can't imagine living without trying to overcompensate in every area of life.
by Eric Kazinsky May 30, 2014

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A man who chugged so much soy that his estrogen levels soared to the point that he thought personal ownership of anything was pointless and that wealth is bad.
Guy 1: Did you see that dude with the Vitasoy drink downtown?
Guy 2: Yup, that soycialist tried to tell me to redistribute my wealth to him. He should lay off the soy.
by Eric Kazinsky June 02, 2018

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DTD stands for Down-to-Date, and is essentially the opposite of women who are Down-To-Fuck. With women who are down to fuck, very direct moves usually work without any resistance, and controversial statements and claims made by men are usually accepted by the woman who is eager to get stabbed up by the meat spear. Most men make the mistake of assuming their skills are top notch with women for succeeding with low resistance DTF girls, then suddenly fail with all of the DTD women. With women who are Down-to-Date, they are looking for an emotional connection first and foremost, rather than just a sexual one. In almost all cases, the best strategy is moving slowly and allowing a woman to fall in love with a man between the first and second dates or between the second and third dates in her own mind.
Guy 1: Dude, I told that girl on the date last night about my previous relationships and she got all weirded out. What the fuck man?
Guy 2: You've got it all wrong. She was DTD! Do not bring up relationships because she doesn't want to be compared to other women and she didn't want to imagine you being with other broads. If she was DTF she might be impressed by your sexual experience and prowess, but keep the topics light and fun with DTD damsels.
by Eric Kazinsky November 25, 2015

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Describes someone who holds a cock/spire upright. The reason the word spotter is used is because, just like in benchpressing, the holding/spotting is done by a third party representative. Spirespotting is most common before the spicy bologna is inserted into the vagina (or rectum, for you cumtheca spirespotters out there) during intercourse. In pornography, the most common case of this is when, during a male-female-female scene, girl #1 is about to get her peach cobbler rived, so girl #2 grips the hedgehog and guides it into girl #1's pudendal crawlway.
The coati Ben Coates was robbing a liquor store when he felt something from below the waist. He recognized it as a hand. He thought to himself, "What kind of person would give my johnson such a firm skyward grip? Oh yeah, a spirespotter."
by Eric Kazinsky January 23, 2007

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