A girl who is immensly hot but you can never get her. She gets pleasure out of teasing guys sexually; She has the fittest body ever, one that you could die for and any guy is lucky to have her.
Guy 1: "Becka is so fit im gonna have to go for a wank in a minute"

Guy 2: "Same here. I wish she wud notice me"

Guy 3: "I still have wet dreams over her mate"
by Blub123456 February 3, 2009
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Also spelled Becca, Beca, or maybe even Bekka, is a sweet girl who is smart but underestimates herself frequently.

She is always prepared{ and is very kind and generous! She has all the intentions of being a good friend, but can end up on your nerves easy! But just be patient with her, because it’s worth it!

If you are friends with a Becka, don’t let it go!!
Person 1- hey, I saw you talking to Becka, earlier.

Person 2- yeah, I’ve known her for years, we’ve has some rough spots, but I care for her dearly!
by WestsideTruth November 8, 2018
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A very sexy girl who enjoys playing CSS and all of the Call of Duties.
Miss B: Chris... jag älskar dig.
Chris: Jag älskar dig också Becka <3
by Chris H... November 14, 2011
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To spill your alcoholic beverage in your lap, making it seem that you have pissed yourself.
Man, i just pulled a Becka.
by Ryan Welch December 20, 2007
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Becka has an overall great personality. If shes not at home playing roblox shes probably sleeping. If you get on her bad side you'll regret it as she can be quite mean lol, but if you're on her good side she'll love you with all her heart. Although she doesn't believe it shes so pretty and could probably get any boy she wanted.

If you know a Becka, never let her go.
Person1: omg! did you see that girl? she was so stunning all the guys looked at her as she went past!
Person2:yes, thats becka!
by indiapoppyy November 11, 2018
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A girl who acts shy and quiet but is really freaky and sometimes a skank. Usually chubby and a bit ugly, but almost always has booty for days. Most times Becka’s are super depressed because of their sad lives.
“Man you see that girl ? She’s such a Becka. Wish she’d suck me one.”
“No man, Becka is too shy, she wouldn’t do that”
by NamesByMeBitch January 26, 2018
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