When something is so funny, unbelievable and random, this will cause one to feel metaphorically dead.
Girl: That was so funny!

Boy: I know, I’m dead, hahahahahaha
by abstracted. lmc April 4, 2018
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A clarifying statement that one is no longer performing biological functions. Often used to remind someone why they will not be joined for dinner or any other social function involving the inquiring party.
Hey redacted, I had a really good time last week, would you like to go out again?

I’m dead.
by Bricked March 13, 2021
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a term referring to when you find something so funny it “kills” you. often used in text conversations with your bestie or said in math class with a straight face. a trendy slang word
that’s so funny, i’m dead☠️
by ztheballerz November 28, 2018
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Extremely amusing. So funny that you “die”. Sometimes the “oh wowfactor.
I’m dead. Like I just died. That was too funny. I’m crying right now.
by HamBroDawgg November 18, 2017
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I’m dead means: either I’m blushing so hard it’s hard to speak or I’m dead no if so or buts
Shai’s bf said: you so cute when you do that

Shai:I’m dead
by Ahahaha...no January 10, 2021
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