It means “Laughing to Death,” or “I’m Dead” from laughing.
I had to explain what the “Skull emoji” meant to my sister, because she was confused.
by Uptown Living Legend May 8, 2021
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Ahh. the valorant langauge, Its used while being toxic while mabey mid-match you have the 3-10 or higher curse. the "skull emoji" is ussually seen while playing astra- the most shit agent ever.
Brooo your so Braindead "skull emoji x7"
I cant belive your so bad man, your gonna get denied by society rn jeessss.
by YourGuideToToxicity July 13, 2022
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commonly used term in the popular FPS game, Valorant. used to express surprise, confusion, etc sarcastically. the term is also a fundamental phrase that is a part of the Valorant accent.
**teammate dies in round
"Broooo, you're actually braindead skull emoji x7"
by pinqXO June 8, 2022
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