It means “Laughing to Death,” or “I’m Dead” from laughing.
I had to explain what the “Skull emoji” meant to my sister, because she was confused.
by Uptown Living Legend May 8, 2021
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The skull emoji usually is a way to say bruh but in a emoji way
you can say something stupid or nonsense and someone will do the skull emoji
by mrflimanyouli November 17, 2022
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emoji used by mostly lifeless faggots who think it is funny when it is cringe
imagine :skull emoji: (only way to put it lol)
by realmarkpeterson November 2, 2022
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When someones joke is so funny or someones bio is weird or if they are cringe the skull means laughing till your dead if its not a joke it indicates DEATH

if someone has that goofy bio or a funny joke is told then you use the skull emoji
by GoofyOhioGriddy April 24, 2023
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A way of saying ¨Lol¨ or ¨Lmao¨
Bro 1: Dude just fell ¨Audible skull emoji¨
Bro 2: That´s so dumb ¨Audible skull emoji¨
by 6pla6gue6 May 20, 2023
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The skull emoji is an emoji that basically means that something is cringy, or stupid.
Carlie texts a gif of a dancing hamster
You text back a skull emoji💀
by user646283 February 3, 2023
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"💀" in slang is a way to replace "I'm a slutty Femboy" or "Please fuck me with your big hard cock", commonly used by Femboys. Also used by woman who are very, very Lesbian. Please rid this world of "💀" users, report any you find on the internet.

💀 Skull emoji in slang meaning "please fuck me" or another scentence along the lines of "I'm a femboy"
by 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 December 31, 2022
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