6 definitions by Bricked

1. A catchphrase taken from the comedy film Billy Madison.

2. An underground pre-YouTube era saying used by pranksters to identify themselves as the mastermind of a successful prank.

3. A declaration of victory or domination in nearly any situation, an ancestor of Pwnd.

4. Used in certain instances, ironically or as a retort (adding insult to injury), by an underdog who claims victory over a highly arrogant opponent after said opponent had stated his/her victory was assured.

5. What one may say after having sexual intercourse, typically said by males.
A: “A gift? Thank you.”
A: Opens gift and sees it’s what was given to B last year.
B: O’Doyle Rules!
by Bricked March 17, 2021
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A non management salaried employee constantly guilt tripped to work unnecessary over time on tasks that have no true objective other than to provide management satisfaction knowing the employee is wasting their time.

Derived from “Walk the Plank,” the humor being that the employee doesn’t get to leave.
A: Why is **** always staying late? She does know she doesn’t get overtime, right?

B: She’s a plank.


C: Hey ***, I’m going to have *** sort these old vouchers, I bet he’ll stay like an hour.

D: Walk the Plank!
by Bricked March 13, 2021
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A clarifying statement that one is no longer performing biological functions. Often used to remind someone why they will not be joined for dinner or any other social function involving the inquiring party.
Hey redacted, I had a really good time last week, would you like to go out again?

I’m dead.
by Bricked March 13, 2021
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1. (noun): Anyone carrying a drink, food item, etc., that seems to completely and randomly lose all motor coordination, whether engaged in conversation or not, thus spilling or dropping said item or items while their attempt to maintain motor coordination results in cartoonishly exaggerated movements thus making the situation severely worse for themselves and anyone with approximately one and a half multiple of “arms-length.”

(plural) Fumbledorves

2. (verb) to Fumbledorf, to have Fumbledorfed, to be Fumbledorfing
Often used as a descriptor for anyone who unintentionally creates a dramatic scene by failing to do something considered simple or mundane which results in unnecessary loss or damage to property.
A (walking with coffee): Good morning
B (walking without coffee): Hey, good morning, how was your weekend?
A: Oh, it was alright, (coffee mysteriously escapes clutches) I-ya-ah-Eeeee!

T: Geez Fumbledorf!
by Bricked March 16, 2021
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to got are not or to got am not. Not got are am too.
A: You got?
B: Ain’t got.
A: Got damn.
by Bricked March 13, 2021
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A monosyllabic phrase to indicate complete and udder reciprocation, even if one lacks comprehension of the remarks and wants to appear to agree unquestionably.
I find that the author’s attempt to appease to the reader’s sense of morality both futile and ironic, as the the material is written in the first person omnipresent and is a fictional autobiographical satire of the metaphysical presumption of bleep bloop bleed.

by Bricked March 13, 2021
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