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A guaranteed source of income, which is good because you'll need it when the cops bang on your door
Police-Open up, it's the police!
Man-I can't, I'm working in my meth lab. Come back in an hour
Police-You did hear me say I'm the police, didn't you?
by Themadbaron April 27, 2011

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When you betray your best friend by screwing his sister
Me and James were best friends till I saw his little sister and committed treason.
by Themadbaron February 22, 2011

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A rather generic phrase used to show you're better than someone because you're braver or more stupid
Man-If you ever see a tornado, you should throw something in it
Friend-Why? That's dumb
Man-Naw, I'd do it
by Themadbaron April 27, 2011

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C'mon, really? Do you honestly need a definition for this?
If you don't know what an apple is how are you using a computer?
by Themadbaron March 16, 2011

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The week-long growth that men get when on vacation or sick that they don't bother to shave due to laziness or illness, until they finally decide that they need to get back to their life.
On his roadtrip, James grew a shaggy vacation beard, but his girlfriend made him shave it as soon as he got home.
by Themadbaron April 23, 2011

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The lead singer to Aerosmith, one of the better singers of all time. Also by far one of the ugliest and scariest men of all time.
Steven Tyler is an awesome singer. Too bad he's so creepy looking.
by Themadbaron February 24, 2011

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A (normally male) adult that sexually abuses children. Also normally is a Catholic priest.
Man 1-Did you hear about that pedophile?
Friend-Yeah, Friar Tuck is creepy.
by Themadbaron April 06, 2011

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