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One of the five high schools in the Town of Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, basically a lot of middle class in most areas. Williamsville South was the first of the "Williamsvilles". Later North and East were formed because mass amount of developments were built. South has the least amount of students (<1,000) of the three schools, mainly because the school gets shafted for everything. There is a definite amount of pot heads at the school and a fair amount of drinkers. South used to be known as the preppy school but now as society has changed, there are a bunch of wiggers, emos and some wanna be hippies. Sports (the billies) aren't top notch mainly because the small population of the school. Most of the school is pretty lazy and they rather go to Farber Lane and smoke a cig. Most alumni agree that the school is going down the shitter. Administration is insane on its rules mainly because the principal is from Texas. Yee haw. There aren't huge house parites mainly because of parents never leave unlike rich families. Football either 0-8 or 1-7 past decade but kids go just to get drunk and have fun. Its very rare that you actually see the touchdown, because its like a party on the bleachers.
Williamsville South High School is becoming a pretty pathetic school.
by spooninspoonout September 23, 2007

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phrase often uttered by guys about a girl that really isn't hot or even cute, but if she was laid out you would fuck her. Doesn't mean any girl that walks, but there is a feel or intuition that would make a guy say the phrase.
"I heard you made out with that APK girl last night. Is she hot?"
"Nah, not hot at all. But I mean, I'd do her."

"You don't think that Snooki is hot?
"No she's sucks. Well I mean, I'd do her."
by spooninspoonout November 08, 2010

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Location north of Buffalo that ranges from North St. to Hertel Ave. Largely centered around Delware Park and Delware Ave. Area in the city with the largest population of white people. The famous Pan American Expedition was focused in this area at the turn of the 20th century. Wealthy inhabitants of that time and ever since have lived in North Buffalo in upper class residential housing. Culture from past golden age of the City of Buffalo is shown here from the mansions, Forest Lawn Cementary and Delaware Park. This is the "nice" area of Buffalo where kids are sent to Catholic or private schools throughout their education due to the poor public education in the city of Buffalo(minus City Honors,etc.). Kids are more subject to drugs and the drinking alcohol at a young age due to the close location to the "city". Kids from the nearby suburbs flock to North Buffalo kids' homes for parties in high school. Kids experience a better social life with the subway nearby which leads to bars downtown.
You say that kid has been drinking since he was 12? That makes since now, he's from North Buffalo.

Who's that cool guy who blows coke from North Buffalo?
by spooninspoonout March 31, 2010

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A rather stinky shit that not only dominates the bathroom of its odor but also moves into the hallway and other rooms.
Who took that shit? That was a nasty traveler.

I had a traveler the other day that made people cry in fear all the way down the hall.
by spooninspoonout April 05, 2010

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the act of influencing a crowd to show more attention and excitement towards a lack luster band or song. Arm movements towards the sky, a "c'mon" or eyebrows and head raised are typical ways for a band to improve the fan experience.
The crowd was enjoying the show in their own way until the band needed to pump up the crowd where everybody was asked to raise their arms to please the band's request.

Thankfully, Auberbach decided to pump up the crowd. Then it was a party.

Yeah, I've never seen Thom Yorke try to pump up the crowd before. I really wish he could try to connect wit the crowd more.
by spooninspoonout November 11, 2014

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what guys ask chicks to see if they're willing to do anal.
sex is great but what's good with the butt?

I asked her what's good with the butt and she said "damn I thought you'd never ask."
by spooninspoonout November 08, 2010

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