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The Jerry Springer style street 'discussions' chavs and bag heads have with one another, normally at about 2am just underneath your fucking window, lasting for about 3 hours and involving massive amounts of personal detail nobody should ever need to know about a neighbour, and bottles.
Aw fuck, the stupid drug fucked oxygen thieves are having a 2am chavscussion about who's kid's who's again, your turn to call in the pigs, man.
by ..WiL April 25, 2007
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The sweat, funk, smoke, spilled beer, mystery stickiness, lipstick and just general crap one gets on oneself coated in after a night out clubbing and/or out with the lads.
Just off to take a sheep dip, I need to wash off all this disco dirt before I change into my house clothes.
by ..WiL January 29, 2007
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Comes in many forms, but generally a little bottle bought from a sex shop or 'alternative' establishment with specific instructions on it NOT to inhale it deeply through the nose, which is precisely what people do with it!

Used by clubbers and teens to elicit a brief, short lived high and longer lived sense of being naughty, or by anyone trying to insert large objects up their anus for pleasure when not yet in possession of a mangina, thanks to its muscle relaxant qualities.
Migraine in liquid form.
Ere son, take a sniff of this and think of England!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
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1. To act out in a very over the top way.

2. A truly mad old English tradition still performed today of rampant cross dressing and Carry On style humour performed on stage primarily for kids.

Extremely popular at Christmas and always traditionally contains the phrase 'It's behind you!' no matter what the production. Also the place where z-list celebs earn their keep.

Completely hatstand! All Americans should catch one when in Blighty, as it will pop their heads!
1. God this is getting to be a right pantomime.

2. I wonder which long forgotten reality TV show 'celebrity' will be the pantomime dame in our production of Cinderella?
by ..WiL May 25, 2005
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When U find yourself trapped in the John scared to pull up your expensive Calvins simply due to your Rusty Bullet Hole apparently feeding a single unpassable turd slowly out onto the paper as if someone had hidden a lipstick dispenser up your arse and was slowly turning the base!
Look, its not my fault, OK? I got a fucking Lipstick Arse situation here! Go on without me and Ill catch you up!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
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Any idea, craze or cultural phenomenon made up from otherwise long dead and/or unlikely parts but has for some reason recently sparked general interest, becomes a monster, and then when your thoroughly sick of the bastard you cant get rid of it!
Fucking hell, that bastard annoying frog doing engine noises has become a right Frankensteins Monster! Pass the pitch fork, someone!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
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The male internal orgasm, generated by stimulation of the prostate, the male g spot, via rythymic insertion of something into the anus, sometimes with the more conventional orgasm thrown in for good measure.

Obviously well known to most of the gay male community but available to all!
'YEAH!!' cried Brad as again he felt the tell-tale tremors of an arse orgasm forming in his gut!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
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