Doctor that is half deer and only takes care of deers.
by Angelinathegreat March 24, 2015
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meaning: To put so much spin on the ball that your opponent becomes confused and mioss judges where the ball will land giving you the point
in a game onf ping pong you put so much spin on the ball it confuses your opponent and they miss the ball winiing you the point which means they just git doctered by the spin docter
by tijah September 11, 2008
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Someone who gives head
Someone who suck dick
(blow job)
Hey Look, there's the head docter maybe she'll suck my dick.
by Baby Kill January 6, 2007
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The person that travels in a small box and does not have any money. Some peole follow him as they go throw the time travling box. They should stop smoking weed!!.
That guys so high he must be a docter who
by isklubec April 16, 2015
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Docter Octogonapus is a character in a popular YouTube show called "The lazer collection". He appears at the most random of times to Shoop de Whoop people. A Shoop de is an upchucked blast of energy from the mouth.

"Oh uh hey man, wheres your phone?" *guy 1*
"Oh uhh its charging...." *guy 2*
"DOCTER OCTOGONAPUS!!! BLAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *dr. octogonapus*
Dr. Octogonapus
Shoop de whoop
docter octogonapus
by U know who... April 29, 2011
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Sarah is such a rug docter! she needs Jesus!
by ;) Shhhhh November 27, 2011
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