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HyDROponically grown marijuana, i.e., "homegrown". Pot grown indoors in hydroponic chambers, which regulate light, humidity, and temperature. Usually a higher, more pure quality of weed than that found elsewhere. Whether there are additives such as cocaine in it is a secondary matter - ask honest questions of your dealer. When in doubt - don't buy.
From Chingy's hit song "Holidae In" -

Get a 12-pack of Coronas, and a ounce o' 'dro, ya know
by papi December 22, 2003
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Hydroponic marijuana, high quality. Tree, weed, non-laced high purity marijuana/cannabis.
them dro was so good i passed out for 4 hrs
via giphy
by YoungWrapper September 16, 2018
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1. Hydroponically grown marijuana
2. High quality marijuana
Let's smoke some of the 'dro I picked up last night.
by ionic August 13, 2003
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Highly expensive hydroponically grown marijuana. Very Potent
Lets smoke that dro!
by DATOMUSABGAY December 12, 2002
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hydroponically grown marijuana. ever since the term's introduction to the 11-13 year old demographic, every fucktard who's never touched weed feels an insatiable need to talk about how much dro they smoke
few people even know what the fuck dro is
by wwwwoooooooo! September 13, 2006
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The term means hydroponic, as in hydroponically grown weed.

There are male and female marijuana plants, when you let a male release pollen onto a female plant the female will produce seeds in her buds. If there are no male plants around the female plant will still produce her buds, but there will be no seeds inside, which gives the plant a lot more energy to produce THC. This is commonly referred to as "hydro", though to grow seedless bud you wouldn't necessarily need to use hydroponics.

Hydroponics systems work by filling a bucket filled of hydro ton (airy rock pellets) with nutrient enriched water for a few seconds every few minutes. The plant uses little energy to grow roots as it doesn't need to expand to get nutrients it needs, and can use it's energy to grow leafs and buds.
AK-47, White Widow, Black Widow, Purple Haze, are all hydroponically grown seedless bud.
by MustJustBe December 20, 2006
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