A slang word for weed or marijuana

Or Singer/ rapper Doja cat
by HattieMale July 27, 2020
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That sticky icky green shit I used to have... but somehow smoked it all.
Where'd that dank doja go? Oh shit, I smoked that!
by DO-JA October 21, 2003
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An extremely strong form of marijuana that IS laced. High usually last for 5 to 7 hours.
Yo doja is my shit. Let's get some.
by valoem October 5, 2004
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The Rap Artist " The Game " ( aka. chuck taylor ) stripper name when he used to strip at the snooty fox
You not a soldier homeboy you come from a stip club, your name was DOJA i can show you the pictures blood
by Shahaan Dhillion April 4, 2006
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A dweb you make do all the flunky work.
Thomas Thurman u fucking doja go get Dutches.
Hey be a good doja thomas and bring us ur bitch.
by Da Hool September 2, 2019
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Jazz/Hip hop band based out of rochester NY. guitar, acoustic bass, drums....www.doja.org
groovin funk compositional jazz
by elliott kirby February 13, 2004
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Suzy's best friend aka her coins keeper.
!urban Doja
by Dabestgurl April 27, 2023
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