Basically a quick way of suddenly interrupting someone and telling them to shut the fuck up--because you don't want to hear whatever it is they are lying about, bragging about, or complaining about. Instantly makes them realize you know they are full of shit and they stop.
I got this kickass plan and in a week I can make like 150 thou---

--- SAVE IT!
by Kirk Davenport May 6, 2006
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Save As. Is Short for Save Ass. This feature is available on most operating systems and web browsers to store pictures and videos inside microchips aka spankbanks. Some websites install cock blockers to guard fap worthy treasures but working around a cock block is a google away. Text documents and other editing applications include Save as in rare cases you need to change a file extension to open with outdated porn viewing software. Sophisticated apps such as VLC media player force the fapper to learn mouse gestures and hotkeys to help operate a computer one handed.
damn shorty lookin thick as a.... +right click. Save As. . download complete. WE ON TONIGHT!
by April 29, 2019
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DMV (D.C. Maryland Virginia) Term

Means to go smack, or flirt at a very beautiful person who is also called bait.
Hence, "save" them from the rest of the people trying to go smack at them.
by DmvHunnieeeeLilBitz August 1, 2010
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The act of grabbing something after it hits the ground, and exclaiming "Saved It!"
by Dropped the mouse March 21, 2015
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Christian term for accepting, and believing in, Christ. To be written in the "Lambs Book of Life."
I have been saved since I was seventeen years old.
by Chad Deese October 17, 2003
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Someone who is Saved® has accepted Jesus as his or her personal Saviour and tithes to Landover Baptist or one of its subsidiaries. Those who are Saved(r) are the Lord's annointed or the "elect" and are assured of heaven in the hereafter.
He is Saved® and on his way to Glory.
by Edward Forester January 1, 2006
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A phrase you say aloud right before you're about to do something stupid or risky. You're essentially saying "Fuck it." This phrase derives from the video game Fallout, where it is common practice to save your game right before entering a dangerous area.
"I think I can make it."
"No way, that jump is way too far."
"Watch me..."No save!"

by Grreatt Britton March 30, 2016
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