Someone who constantly thinks he or she is sick or about to become sick.

Lisa thinks she has the Bird Flu, but she's just a hypochondriac.
by Andy Z August 15, 2007
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Someone who believes everything they read on webMD, after looking up all their aches and pain.
No, Nancy, the internet is wrong. Just because you have a sore ankle doesn't mean you're a diabetic. I am sorry to say, however, that you are a hypochondriac.
by Preposterouz November 02, 2010
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Amy d. a.k.a. babycakes ALWAYS has warts, some type of severe cough, endometriosis, and cervical cancer (ps-from warts); therefore she is a hypochondriac.
by kenneth j. s. March 26, 2007
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A person who, upon watching an episode of House, is convinced they have the same disease as the main patient from that episode.
Sometimes if severe enough, said person will go to the doctor the next day expecting Gregory House to come into the office and tell them they are dying.
She is such a House Hypochondriac.
by Magi Con Carne February 24, 2011
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Someone who takes all sorts of stupid ass precautions to protect their facebook page against virus, phishing, spaming, and hijacking attacks.

This person constantly worries about getting viruses and likes to comment "SPAM" whenever you post links to videos on facebook.
Today, I changed my birthday, email address, name and I even deleted a bunch of freinds for no apparent reason in order to aviod getting a facebook virus. Some say I am a facebook hypochondriac.
by postitnotes June 30, 2010
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A person who thinks something is wrong with him all the time, like Mitchell
Mitchell: Hey guys my leg hurts so bad today.

Callum: Harden up you Hypochondriac Idiot your acting like a girl.
by Calman321 October 17, 2007
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n. An individual stricken with extreme litigiousness, usually due to a vicious combination of nosiness, paranoia, persecution complex, having too much time, and an innate and perhaps genetic inability to take responsibility for him or herself.
Much like a person for whom every sniffle is merely the first sign of impending death by swine flu, the legal hypochondriac believes that every one of life's minor inconveniences is not only someone else's fault, but someone else's legal liability. This necessitates calling at least three lawyers, writing letters, gathering boxes of evidence, filing multiple law suits, and then lodging complaints with the Law Society about the lawyers who refused to take the case on a contingency fee.

The legal hypochondriac can often be found on the black lists of every law firm within several hundred kilometres of his or her home.
by impartisan September 12, 2012
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