worthless. a person or thing that is worthless or unoriginal.
1st person: yar tu sohaib ko jaanta hai?
2nd person: haan shopper hai bohat bara.
by bus tu hi hai jaani!! November 21, 2012
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Someone who shops for goods and services, but make the rounds to assure they get the best deal possible.
Shopping around and getting that great deal on that much-desired ticket item makes for a very happy shopper in the end.
by www.theweeklydeals.com September 29, 2018
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Someone who can't commit to one person, but is always looking for another individual to go out with - even when they are in a relationship. Most commonly done by "shopping" or checking out online dating websites.
Her boyfriend was such a shopper - they had been dating for a year, but he was always responding to new profiles on plentyoffish and lavalife
by Jo'sBar December 17, 2008
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Someone who looks at stuff they cant buy
i wish i had them kicks but i cant afford them (im a window shopper)
by Dee Jay October 28, 2005
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One who spends crazy amounts USD or YTL (Turkish currency) on an addicting game called Knight Online. They buy items and/or gold from chinese farmsites to get ahead in a game.
Player1: I just bought a iron necklace +3 and Raptor +11 zuahahaah
Player2: Your such a baba shopper!
by biginthepants69 April 20, 2009
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The shopper that goes in a store, usually a super store, hunting for the discounted brands, special offers, mostly due to the lack of finance. These bargain chasers are commonly widespread in the urban areas, and can save large amounts of money compared to the regular customers due to their knowledge in shopping for small and precise amounts.
Cashier1 : Check this fella, he's scanning that shelf like a machine !

Cashier2: Bet he's one of them misery shoppers!
by wobotron January 15, 2010
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A person who values their time and hates having to go shopping. "In and out" is the only way they know how to shop, regardless of quantity of items. A power shopper might come across as aggressive and impatient, but they know what they want and where their items are, hence, they see no reason to stroll and dilly-dally and feign that they are thinking of what they want or need to buy.

Power shoppers are known to fill a grocery basket to half-full in under two-minutes. In stores with narrow aisles, they park their cart at the end of the aisle and jog into the aisle, get what they need and toss their items into their baskets from three feet away. They take great pride in always making the basket and never breaking any items.
The man ran his cart into Trader Joe's and began tossing bananas, bags of nuts, loaves of bread and a dozen Clif Bars into his cart. A slow-witted snowbird refused to step aside when he said "excuse me," so he spun around the woman like an NFL tailback, tossed his frozen veggies into his cart and headed back toward the cash register.

A senior citizen commented to her husband, "Did you see how rude that man was?"

The old husband commented, "Nah. He's not rude. He was polite. He said 'Excuse me.' The lady taking up the aisle... who didn't move, SHE was the rude one. I wish I was still young enough to be a 'power shopper,' in my day, I could power shop with the best of 'em.
by ZonaCat Hansen November 23, 2010
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