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An evolutionary psychology theory that beta males and feminists refuse to look at or even acknowledge exists. They will usually blame the MGTOW and MRA community for making it up, but that just shows their lack of research, even though these same groups will tell their detractors and opponents to "do your own research" or "educate yourself".
The theory itself is the study that women seek higher status men and men with more resources to give her seed to the best possible mate. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but left unchecked can cause societal problems.
A woman rejected a man with a lower paying salary. This is a sign of her hypergamy, as she doesn't want to date and get married to a cashier whom is barely making ends meet.
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by TheRandomObserver October 21, 2018
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The tendency for women to deceive men and leech money and resources off them.
Hypergamy is a dangerous human instinct.
by Zerbu December 04, 2011
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When a woman always looks for a better partner based on opportunity even at the cost of hurting a relationship, morality, and other side-effects.
Hypergamy can be pretty selfish but understandable in some cultures. People should be mindful of it.
by Clearwatermememaybe May 09, 2021
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