When a woman always looks for a better partner based on opportunity even at the cost of hurting a relationship, morality, and other side-effects.
Hypergamy can be pretty selfish but understandable in some cultures. People should be mindful of it.
by Clearwatermememaybe May 9, 2021
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An evolutionary psychology theory that beta males and feminists refuse to look at or even acknowledge exists. They will usually blame the MGTOW and MRA community for making it up, but that just shows their lack of research, even though these same groups will tell their detractors and opponents to "do your own research" or "educate yourself".
The theory itself is the study that women seek higher status men and men with more resources to give her seed to the best possible mate. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but left unchecked can cause societal problems.
A woman rejected a man with a lower paying salary. This is a sign of her hypergamy, as she doesn't want to date and get married to a cashier whom is barely making ends meet.
by TheRandomObserver October 22, 2018
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The tendency for women to deceive men and leech money and resources off them.
Hypergamy is a dangerous human instinct.
by Zerbu December 4, 2011
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I don't see how it isn't literally implied eugenics. The idea that women select for the best genes to pass on to their offspring... Like wealth (resources)... Except until child support didn't start until 1950... So, historically, before 1950 reproducing with a wealthy person in no way guaranteed wealth would be passed on... And to tie that to evolution is ridiculous... And even kings would get cheated on... Even thought they had the most resources... Because fat cocks...
Hym "And Jesus Christ Cody, I was musing on the absurdity of hypergamy and the conclusions that can be deduced. I don't see how that isn't eugenics-lite."
by Hym Iam April 7, 2023
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Oh, shit! As a Psychopathic/Narcissistic type, am I supposed to be making decisions that contradict my very nature? You know, for the good of the broader society?
Hym "If I should have to act in contradiction to my own nature for the good of everyone, why shouldn't women (in the context of hypergamy)? The hypergamy that leads to polyamory which leads to and increase of violence at a correlation of 1 to 1 is fine but being low in conscientiousness (because that is the "difference" between psychopath and non-psychopath and not the low agreeableness) is the thing that should be punished. That's not a load of self-serving bullshit.
by Hym Iam September 11, 2022
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Phenomenon where a mother takes sexual pleasure from a daughter's attraction to a suitor the mother herself approves of.

Sexual pleasure the mother takes from imagining herself as the daughter.
In hypergamy: the mother forgoes personal pleasure for vicarious sexual pleasure by allowing her daughter to procure an eligible mate.
by flightfacilities November 22, 2021
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the action of marrying, dating or forming a sexual relationship with a person who is lighter than you or has more non- black ancestry in their background because you view their proximity to whiteness as a form of social status.
"there goes one of those divestors practicing racial hypergamy again"
"dating out can be a form of racial hypergamy if you're not careful."
by Exoticals United December 27, 2022
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