1. To experience something through watching another's activities.

2. A great song by Tool, where in it the lead singer Maynard says that he is Vicarious because by watching people die, he himself can feel death.
1. I watched people sky-diving and felt a vicarious rush of excitment.

2. When I went to a Tool concert they played Vicarious.
by Godsmack Kid July 4, 2006
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Experienced through someone else's actions by way of imagination.
Great literature broadens our minds by giving us vicarious participation in the lives of other people.
by Larstait November 8, 2003
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A guy who bought his arena rating in order to obtain shoulders + wepons.
Skilless rogue Vicarious, Dentarg EU, that didn't get boosted in normal way (2 guys join your arena team and boost up your rating) but he gave his acc info to another player that has skills and that's how they did it. So he fails pretty much cos rating was obtain on his character and by his gear, obviously only skills were better.
by Gordan Jandrokovic March 30, 2008
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the most biggest fattest disgusting fat dwarf u see in your ages she h8'z americans because they always shuve pencils up her half opened ass while shes eating mc nuggets!!!!!!!!!
(fat) (matt tysoe 4 ms vicary lolz...)
by Mr_H@ck3r April 4, 2005
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The vicary is a terrible creature, alive since the jurassic period. it resembles a large wrinkly lump of shit, and some theorize that she once had a mate. (see Bernard Nagaweeweeblahblah) Their offspring was a terrible being, thought to be similar to a slug in appearance. (see Ben Sweetman)
There's vicary, better cover your crotch.
by Cynic to the maxX March 18, 2005
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-=ChEcK oUt WhAt Me AnD tHe BoYs DiD in my rap band=-

''i'll take u to vicary!..do..do..do..do
she make her touch her bub!...do..do...do..do
She say oh god don't stop until u hit 69 stops''
thank u 50 cent 4 ur song 'Candy Shop'
by djmax April 4, 2005
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Very RaNdOm Hip Hop RaP By M3H

The Vicary Shop

I’ll take you to the vicary Shop (violin part)
she make u lick her mama’s cock (violin part)
She’ll say oh god doen’t you stop until u hit 69 flabs (violin part)

You can hav it your way ms Vicary fast and hard then I’ll be juliet & u can be the romeo (violin part)

I take you to the Vicary shop (violin part)
She make you lick her fat dad’s small cock (violin part)
(violin part) o god o god…. o god o god …..won’t u stop until your hitler’s dog (violin part)
now she desperate…… (violin part) 4 Richard Chen (violin part)
I said Okay Then (violin part)
She said I see u 2mmorow 9 to 10 (violin part) (violin part)

L8tr on I saw her fuk this richard chen (violin part)
He looks like a Koala (violin part)
But koala are cute aren’t they ? (violin part)

M3H is kool M3H loves you nicolette Vermulan* (random Hip Hop By Djmax AKA M3H)
More like a hippo With a ummm…. Some 1 from the fab 5? (violin part) (violin part)
by M3H aKa Djmax April 21, 2005
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