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Paradigm in which entropy escapes a black hole at the speed of light to create gravity.
In entropology: entropy escapes a black hole on a two-dimensional plane. It reaches a dimension of negative zero in the liminal plane.
by flightfacilities February 18, 2022
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The paradigm that the number of senses outside of the world-interior can be counted if reduced to formas prime set-twin-prime set orthogonalities.

Effected by John Locke who concluded that a person's world-interior contained a SINGLE forma.

John Locke proved the existence of democracy analytically.
Immanuel Kant proved that human beings judge the world by a paradigm "sense-in-itself." John Locke came along and showed that the world-exterior contains an infinite number of senses-in-itself formas while the world-interior contains one forma. This result is unusual because it was in the 1900's that Alasdair MacIntyre finally separated public communication into the world-interior and the world exterior.

This communicado was ahead of its time as Kant reduced ethics to a counting-problem--not a problem of consideration.
by flightfacilities May 17, 2022
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Paradigm that correlations are mediums.
Instead of dismissing a correlation as deja vu, alt-modernism argues correlations have an ontology.

Working on the assumption that a correlation can act as a MEDIUM for understanding: alt-modernism concludes that correlations are the pseudo-random numbers.
by flightfacilities February 19, 2022
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An appellation which refers to the "weightless" quality of time.

The idea that time has force in linear terms but not weight.
The isomorphic theory of time tells us that in order for time to be isomorphic everything must look the same (be automorphic).

The anisotropic isomer theory-of-time tells us that time can have an isomorphic structure under the condition that it is WEIGHTLESS-IN-ITSELF.
by flightfacilities December 8, 2020
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The topological surface area of a dialectic one did not have.

The surface area of a complex number.
Anxiety is the surface area of decisions that were made for you; before you got a chance to make them for yourself.
by flightfacilities February 13, 2022
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The proffering that the polytheistic gods exist; but the monotheistic god does not exist.

The idea that there are an uncountable number of gods.
Apeirotheism states the monotheistic God is at the center of the immune system; putting it in ultra-nihilism.
by flightfacilities February 13, 2022
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Paradigm in which capitalism fools a country into fighting the most unwinnable wars first; before any feasible wars.

Also a racialist paradigm which recognizes only the discretic elements of scientific thought (elements of the periodic table etc.) and thus only recognizes only European contributions to history.
Adolf Hitler fashioned himself as an opponent of capitalism; but his invasion of Poland and Europe's Eastern Front indicates he was a capitalist under the purview of continentalism.
by flightfacilities December 19, 2021
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