The men's rights movement (MRM)1 is a branch of men's movement. The MRM in particular consists of a variety of groups and individuals who focus on general social issues and specific government services which adversely impact, or in some cases structurally discriminate against, men and boys. Common topics debated within the men's rights movement include the alleged favor given to women in family law including but not limited to matters such as child custody, alimony and marital property distribution. The movement also concerns itself with parenting, reproduction, suicides, domestic violence against men, circumcision, education, conscription, social safety nets, and health policies. The men's rights movement branched off from the men's liberation movement in the early 1970s, with both groups comprising a part of the larger men's movement.
by Pantufas June 9, 2020
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Stands for "Men's Rights Advocate", which is sugar coated branding for anti-feminism. Same tactic as calling anti-abortion "pro-life".
His denial of the divorce was some super MRA shit.

The MRAs keep pushing for marital rape laws, as if there's some law that could negate the right to say "no".

PUAs, gamergaters,'s a regular MRA convention!
by b0dhisattvah October 23, 2017
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Mens rights activists are men upset by discrimination in society. They don't like always being painted as the villians, how often their issues are ignored, or how privaledged women are in court. Feminists hate it because it doesn't benefit them, and is therefore unworthy. Many of these men are queer or not white, reasonably upset how a white women could think she has more issues than a black man. Some of the people modern feminists hate the most, add them to the list of people who get mad whenever somebody else is treated fairly. They are upset men are treated as slaves whereas women (Not including certain countries) are treated as queens.
"MRA!? Why should men have rights!? They're the oppressers!!"
"But don't you want equality?"
"Kill all men!!"
by KenneddysCandyStore March 11, 2021
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Acronym for a group called Men's Rights Activists.

I.E. - A bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast Illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs the majority of the world.
- Hey, you hear about that guy in Marketing that complains about his ex-wife all the time?
-- Yeah, I heard that he just got a raise and tried to take his ex to court to reduce his child support.
- Jeez, what a MRA.
by Erant October 4, 2008
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Men's rights activist. A person who advocates for the social and legal rights of men equal to those of women.

Contrary to the belief of many of the idiots on this site, there are inequalities in favour of women too, such as the, the invulnerability to conscription, the 2 to 1 acceptance rate of women in STEM courses, the right to opt out of parenthood, or to claim child support from an under-age parent or the presumption of innocence in relation to rape.
"Turns out he's an MRA and a WRA, I suppose that makes him an egalitarian, funny how that works, huh?"
by a logical fucking person February 1, 2021
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MRA is an unknown abbreviation that the band, Smile Empty Soul, has as an idea for a record label. They leave it unknown to all fans and is only shared between to members of the band. Sean, the vocalist, has a tattoo of MRA on his upper arm.
by [Miss] Anna Lee January 20, 2008
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"MRA" means "men's rights activist."

An MRA is a white man who insists against all evidence and decency that white men are oppressed and than women and minorities are "revered and privileged."

An MRA would never support the rights of those men who truly are at a disadvantage in our society: homosexual and black men. Instead, he leaves campaigning for LGBT rights and minorities' rights to the "evil evil cunt bull dykes" aka feminists.

An MRA sits on a huge pile of white and male privilege and keeps whining that he is oppressed.
An MRA loves Pat Robertson and Bill O'Reilly, thinks that Fox news is the one and only reliable delivery mechanism for news, is a psychotic bible thumper who believes that women were made from "Adam's rib," wanks to Rush Limbaugh, supports the religious right, and has never finished high school.
by The Happy Humanist July 4, 2010
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