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(hahyp-fuh l) The act of having hope mercilessly that a videogame, product, or movie will live up to the imaginative over-hype and very improbable ideas and wants of the fan base looking forward to its release after a vague and misleading announcement, commercial, or trailer.

When a fan hopefully wants a feature that hasn't been officially announced to be included on said product, but understands more than likely it probably won't be. A sort of sarcastic way to say hopefully, while still emphasizing that you really do hope it happens and will be pleasantly surprised if it does. Best used in gaming announcements, prior to events such as E3, in which vague trailers are released for a game, and fans storm the internet with theories of what the trailer insinuates about the game's features without any factual information from the source backing their theories, sometimes in an attempt to quantify their justification for pre-ordering. Can also be used as an insult when someone is posting wild speculation about a product without any factual backing. Also defined as hopefully, but probably not.
This game's multiplayer looks like it's gonna blow me away, but I'm hypeful it will have an awesome single player game too.

The giant mech in that trailer looks awesome, so hypefully it's in the whole movie and not just a cool 5 minute action scene at the end.

My friend told me the new iPhone will have solar recharging batteries and can sync to any electronic in my house, but that just sounds overly hypeful to me.
by Westlake June 30, 2015
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