Clearly something that you arent having if you're searching it on here.
Guy one: Wanna go to a party tonight?
Guy two: NO!
Guy one: WHY?!
Guy two: Because I'm looking for fun on the interent.
by Mechgeek May 24, 2010
The only reason to live, because without it life sucks!
Boy: Hey want to go have some fun?
Girl: Can't, got to do homework. :(
Boy: WHAT?! Screw homework you can do it later!!
Girl: What will be doing anyway?
*Girl's dad pulls up driveway from work*
Boy: Uuuuuhhh you know what, homework sounds like a good idea right now...
by sonicsega555 June 11, 2009
Fun. The only thing Cody and David do together.
Cody: "Baby, that is all me and David do together is fun shit. You look on Urban Dictionary and you will find a definition that reads, "Cody and David activities." It is a fucking thing."
by Cody and David May 17, 2018
1. Friends who do stuff together
U and me
N-y where and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea

2. Fire that burns down the whole town

Uranium bombs

No Survivors when you- (TBC)

3. Frolic through all the flowers


Nose picking, sharing gum inside, licking hair with your best buddy
Kid: Video Games are fun! I play them all the ti-
Parents: NO.
by BigPokemon September 17, 2020
Man: "Hey fun babe, wanna go have some fun with the fun man at the fun place?"

Woman: "Stop following me."
by supercoolmattb December 11, 2009
Creating enjoyment and excitement all at once.
Baseball is fun, even if you are awful at it.

Quoting SpongeBob on is not fun. Those who do it should stop.
by Rodney Basil May 21, 2004