A smol man who screams a lot.
Person: Hey what's that guy's name? Ya know, that small guy who screams.
Me: ... Do you mean Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots?
Person: That's him!
by _JiminYouGotNoJams_ October 26, 2017
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Singer/songwriter for a wonderful band by the name of Twenty Øne Piløts. He is wonderful and beautiful and amazing.
Person 1: woah look at how beautiful that guy is!
Person 2: yeahhhh that's Tyler Joseph.
by Lila__ March 4, 2017
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My small son who must be protected at all costs
Person 1: did you hear that someone tried to fight the singer from twenty one pilots?
Me: no not Tyler Joseph, we muST PROTECT HIM HE IS MY LITERAL SON
by bandom_girl555 May 13, 2015
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An amazing man/ human bean. He is smol and must be protected at all costs. He has saved many people's lives with his deep lyrics. Has a beautiful wife named Jenna and a strong bromance with josh dun, the bands drummer. They both combine to make twenty one pilots.
Fangirl 1; hwbrbdkjanbdnw Tyler Joseph is so cute and haht all at once.

Fangirl 2; It's great to see all the awards he's finally getting for his beautiful music and hard work.
by MemeFalcon January 7, 2017
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a coward who doesn't care about our birthdays

unless you were born on December 1st, his birthday.
Us: It's our/my birthday!
Tyler Joseph: I don't care

Tyler Joseph: dump your oldselfies cowards
Us: okay coward
by tyler_is_a_coward February 25, 2019
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A very tiny dude who has a great voice and who plays ukulele scremo with his lover Joshua dun.
Tyler Joseph is the worlds best bean.
by @withahintofcocoa February 17, 2016
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