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A phrase used by Dizzee Rascal , the name by which he refers to himself.
'This is Raskit, listen to my flow'

'Raskit , rank, i couldn't i still roll deep.....'
-Stand Up Tall By Dizzee Rascal
by Loop (Yik) February 14, 2005

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A song by the ultimate UK garage MC (excluding dizzee rascal, wiley and the roll deep crew), SLK. SLK
Hype Hype! - by SLK ft. sticky and somr random person.
by Loop (Yik) February 18, 2005

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literal translation -
'goodbye mother fucker'
used against enemies.
often used as a last phrase to a dying enemy.
'syanara muthafucka' (to a dying enemy)
by Loop (Yik) February 14, 2005

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literally - 'didn't he'
'50 cent ? , dinnee get shot 9 times or summin ? '
by Loop (Yik) February 26, 2005

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loopididoop da bad-ass MC of da westminsta massiv cru ya
'ya'll homies betta watch out, Loopididoop's come to town'
by Loop (yik) February 22, 2005

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blad pronounced in a funny accent.
'oi blaid seit mei yow phowne or you geit blaypse! '
by Loop (Yik) March 07, 2005

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an abbreviation of the name of the bad-ass mc of the westminsta kru massiv.
'yo watch out its loop'
by Loop (Yik) February 23, 2005

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