Guy: Ohhh baby, ohhhh yess!

Girl: *sigh* Hurry Up...
by I P4P4MURF I March 5, 2010
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South Philly Slang interjection used when someone wants to express either surprise, aggreance derision or delight at another's comment.
Did you see that getup that camar bitch wore to the club last night?

Hurry up! It was a classic right. Not for nothin', but where the frigg did she get that magic mirror that goes wit' it?
by Sidpook August 3, 2008
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When haveing to fuck and u no your in a rush
When doing task u know your going to be done soon you tell her to hurry up
by Blow me jjvgmkgg August 7, 2018
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A phrase commonly found in the military. This phrase depicts the day-to-day grind of soldiers where they have to "hurry up" to point B only to have to wait hours for the event to occur. This phrase also applies to anything that requires you to be on time but does not start for a good while.
Example A: While at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), we were told to arrive on time at 6 AM but in processing did not start until 9 AM. We practiced the "hurry up and wait" policy.

Example B: I did 80 just to get to the doctor's office on time, and he did not even show up for another hour. It was another case of hurry up and wait.
by odah January 17, 2013
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Speed things up or do things faster. Appeared on a Japanese t-shirt (engrish website).
DAMN, I'm so hungry.
It feels like I ordered that pizza hours ago!
I wish they'd HURRY UP THE CAKES!
by Cliff May 30, 2005
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The concept of making every effort to arrive at a location ahead of the appointed time, with the expectation of having to wait upon arrival. The purpose behind the concept is that it builds a large amount of time into one's schedule, therefore accounting for unexpected occurrences.
When we went to the airport for our vacation, we followed the "hurry up and wait" philosophy, arriving several hours prior to our flight.
by FS3T22Love April 27, 2008
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