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A phrase commonly found in the military. This phrase depicts the day-to-day grind of soldiers where they have to "hurry up" to point B only to have to wait hours for the event to occur. This phrase also applies to anything that requires you to be on time but does not start for a good while.
Example A: While at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), we were told to arrive on time at 6 AM but in processing did not start until 9 AM. We practiced the "hurry up and wait" policy.

Example B: I did 80 just to get to the doctor's office on time, and he did not even show up for another hour. It was another case of hurry up and wait.
by odah January 17, 2013
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What your average chav/brit says after his pal did something retarded, caused himself some trouble, or is about to get his ass kicked because he said some dumb shit.

American translation: "You dun goof'd"
Gavino: "Fuck your mother you petty lil twat!"
Chav: "You fucked up mate. I'm going to kick your cheeky lil cunt so hard i swear on my mum's life."


Mark: "I just got a 300 pound fine for parking in the wrong spot!!!"
Chav: "You fucked up mate."
by odah July 14, 2014
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