(pronounced day tuh day) adj. regular, not special (used in a derogatory way)
That girl thinks she's all that, but she's just the day-to-day.
by badass yellabone July 30, 2008
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The greatest mantra, to help provide progressive assurance that all is well and hard work eventually pays off in the future.
Jeff: how will we get there?

John: day by day.
by Bmxbiker123 April 17, 2016
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The day when an underage drinker and or alcoholic attains a fake i.d. that says he is over 21, which assumingly the individual already looks like he is over the age of 21.The person’s friends will use the phrase “This truly is a day of days!” before during and after the person has used his brand new fake to purchase alcoholic beverages for his underage friends. The phrase “This truly is a day of days!” comes from the underrated movie The Chronicles of Riddick usually known by heart by the one who is receiving the fake.
Deuce: Hey Tyler do you know what today is!?
Tyler: Isnt it the day scotty gets the fake???!
Deuce: YES! its the day of days!!
Tyler: It truly is a day of days!
by MyFrendsRdrUnk! May 10, 2007
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Something happens continually, without interruption or stop.
It is raining from the morning.

Shit! how can we go out when it rains day in day out?
by ArisenAhubudu March 14, 2011
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a relationship which occurs between a set number of days in the week, dedicating several days of the week where a person is considered to be in a relationship, and several days in which a person would be out of said relationship.
person a: let's have a day-to-day relationship
Vishal: okay, how does monday-wednesday work for you?
by samibb May 12, 2009
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A day to day girl is a girl who looks good one day and looks bad the next. Someone who is never consistent with their looks.
"I dont think I want to talk to her she is a day to day girl, she looked good yesterday but looks like a wookie today."
by JAY RED! November 5, 2011
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