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A section of the city of Philadelphia that seems not to be governed by law but rather local custom, especially south of Washington Avenue.
Newly arrived South Philly resident: "Why does everyone have their cars parked in the middle of Broad Street?"

Grizzled South Philly veteran: "This is South Philly. If you don't like it, get the fuck out of here. Yo, hit the deck, I think just heard a gunshot."
by OhYou'reSoSilentChris September 29, 2007
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when people think of south philly they think of rocky and cheesesteaks...
don't come to south philly just for cheesesteaks
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a good place to chill with some freakys
Sleeping over my friends house in Grays Ferry and I was awoken to his mom giving me fellatio, I've been hanging out in South Philly ever since.
by TwoOneFive November 18, 2005
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South philly aka south sneaky don't trust nobody from south philly not even your mom them niggas grimy as shit
Southphilly - if a south philly bitch tell you hold on she going in the crib pull off that bitch try line you
by Phila215 March 14, 2017
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used to be the best place on earth. south philly is starting to turn into the ghetto. killings left and right and people being jumped every 5 minutes. kids starting from the age of 12 (some younger) go to the park or the lakes to chill and get wacked every weekend
yo man did you hear about south philly on the news today??
another man was killed

yo what you doin this weekend?
gettin wacked yo
by jodanna November 05, 2007
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