An inhabitant of the Horn of Africa. The word Horner is almost synonymous with Cushite, since that is the dominant ethnic group in the Horn. Due to being an enclosed peninsula, its people are phenotypically distinct among whom the E-M215 (also E3b) haplogroup prevails. The peninsula has never amalgamated under a single polity, except partially during the expansionism of Ahmed Gragn or that of Darwiish supreme commander Ismail Mire.
by readyforthemoon55 July 23, 2019
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To put one's thumb in a woman's vagina
Dude, I totally hornered that chic last night
by Señor word July 20, 2013
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One who uses the car horn excessively.
I hate getting stuck in front of some horner who thinks he can move my car with the might of his sound waves.
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To fuck up.To make a complete cock up of anything. Cause to be unstructured or disordered or operating according to no principal or idea.
Peter took over and fucked everything up , in fact it was completely hornerized
by Bandit909 January 20, 2010
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The Horner is a true drunk's dance move, used where ever you feel you need to use it. It's done by punching the air upwards with your left hand, then switched by your right, while continuously movin your hips to the music, and drinkin up.
"Dude! Your totally rockin The Horner!" OR "Do the best fuckin move out there! - The Horner!"
by Parsons & DJ March 20, 2008
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Solidarity among Horners (inhabitants of the Horn of Africa)
the Hornerism is strong in that one
by readyforthemoon55 September 6, 2019
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An individual who is obsessed with Dabney Coleman movies.
"You want to watch Cloak and Dagger AND 9 to 5? Your such a horner!"
by Jay-Doggg July 4, 2006
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