A sweet guy with an addictive smile and personality. He is always cracking jokes and making people laugh. He loves the outdoors and is always up for an adventure. You will often find him helping others, (:
Coleman, I love you! <3
by Sailor's Girl, <3 August 2, 2010
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Coleman is absolutely awesomazing!!! He is extremely kind, he will help you with whatever you need. He is super smart just like the rest of his family, but sometimes he feels like he will never live up to his parents and siblings. If you are looking for him he might be at a gym playing basketball with his friends, or at home playing piano. He is very athletic and competitive, he can and will beat you at any sport. Now let’s move to his looks, he might not think he looks that good but all the girls beg to differ, they all think he’s the hottest guy in town. If you ever need a friend, find Coleman, he will be your friend till the end and help you through any rough times in your life. I am so happy that I found a Coleman who is my friend, I love you Coleman.❤️
Girl 1: who are you staring at?
Girl 2: Coleman…🤤
Girl 1: Why?
Girl 2: because he’s super hot and super nice and… I think I’m in love 😍
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The accumulation of swag,smoothness, and badassery all rolled into one. Coleman is an intellectual that says profound and life-changing things, yet puts up a wall in order to suppress the attention that he tends to avoid. Girls want him and guys want to be around him. However, he will reject a person in order to evade the misconceptions of his plight.
Me: Man, I just don't get Coleman
You: It's because he doesn't buy into bullshit
by swavor50000 February 8, 2012
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The best person in the world. He treats everyone fairly especially girls he likes. The best friend you can have because he is so supportive. Colemans are usually good fighters so it is not reccommended to get in a fight with one. Sometimes Colemans are fat but are likely to lose it. They are hot and know how to treat girls.
Girl 1: did you see that, jack beatup tom?
girl 2: he is such a coleman.

girl 1: Nick is so hot and is so nice to Rachel.
girl 2: What a coleman.
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Coleman is the most amazing guy friend you could ever have. You can tell anything to him, and he always has the soulition. He likes to change subjects when he doesnt want to answer a question though. Hes more mature then most guys but you can still have the most fun around him! he likes to wear sunglasses even when hes inside or its rainy. He likes guns and black ops, and he likes girls that have those same interests. He attracts alot of friends, and can just brightnen up your day when you see his smile. Hes cute, and always smells good. I love you forever coleman! youre my best guy friend that ive ever have!
its raining outside, why are you wearing sunglasses?
cause, im coleman! :)
by colemanismybestguyfriendever<3 November 26, 2010
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A boy who is so hot and really sweet but kind of a dork. he is so cute he can get away with murder. He is a really nice guy and so completely innocent he has no sex drive what so ever. Girls want him but can never have him. Hes got a smile that can light up a room in an instant. He loves nachos and chocolate cheesecake. He is always dancing at the weirdest times.
Girl 1: whoa look at coleman he is so cute!
Girl 2: did you see the way he didnt even look at me even though im wearing practically nothing!
Girl 1: but hes soooooo sweet
Girl 2: yea he is isnt he
by Hank Sawyer January 24, 2010
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