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A sufi branch, also called Urwayniya, adhered to by the Western harti, and in particular the Dhulbahante
She adheres to Salihiyya
by readyforthemoon55 August 01, 2019
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Sanaag is a region of Somalia which is divided into 3 parts; Ceelafweyn in the west, Maakhir in the East, and Daraawiish from Jidali southwards.
He's from Sanaag
by readyforthemoon55 February 14, 2020
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Sayidka and Ismail Mire were the main guys of the dhulbahante force called darawiish
where's the sayidka at?
by readyforthemoon55 February 14, 2020
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The sayyid was the head of a dhulbahante state called Daraawiish, the successor state of Dhulbahante garadship founded in Dareemo Caddo
Thats the Sayyid rite there
by readyforthemoon55 June 06, 2020
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The Sayyidate was the nature of the kingdom of the Darwiish, also called Daraawiish
her granddad served the Sayyidate as a partiot
by readyforthemoon55 September 06, 2019
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sayyidka was the leader of the Dhulbahante state called Darawiish, founded in Dareema Caddo, with ismail mire as supreme commander
the sayyidka united the dhulbahante under a single state
by readyforthemoon55 January 19, 2020
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an anti-darawiish is an anti-dhulbahante
they anti-darawiish
by readyforthemoon55 July 18, 2020
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