to get an enormous or a great amount of hickeys on any visble body part
who hoovered you sarah?
by Jadababiez April 4, 2007
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I always see that dirty ass bum hoofing it on the side of the road. Cracka must not even own a car. What a Hoover.
by Nick D February 13, 2003
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an insane blowjob where your partner sucks so hard - you need to pull the bed sheet out of your asshole
Man, she looks like a hoover machine! Go get some!!
by Lonx January 13, 2004
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to consume a whole beverage in one gulp or eat food in the fewest bites as possible with out chewing.
Jim was hoovering down several 22 ounce beera at the bar last night in one gulp.
Melanie was in a pms moment and was hoovering down a piece of cake in two bites last time I saw her.
by Dan57 February 26, 2009
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Someone that sucks a dangerous amount of cock.
Tommy's mum is such a Hoover.
by tibbons October 29, 2003
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Female version of a "tool". A girl/woman who overestimates her talents, intelligence, interest level to others, etc.

Triple-entendré implies domesticity, fellatio, and an aptitude for general "suckiness".
After an agonizing 5 minutes, the hoover's acoustic guitar breakup song was finally over.
by bpow1234 August 3, 2010
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min i was so hoovered last night i slept with your fat ass sister

aww min!
by ForwardGrant March 8, 2010
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