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Adjective=Skillful, capable, superbly performing
Sustantive=Particle which is beyond comprehend of sciences. Can be in two states. Is neutral charge, but also positive and negative. Basis for cambit theory about Schröder's cat.
It was not possible for a human being, but he did hoope.
If someone could do it that would be hoope.
by Book of dictionary February 04, 2010
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One badass mutha. With a dick like a skyscraper and the body of a god it is understandable that he should be the most desirable man ever alive. Not only is he on a first name basis with greats like chuck norris and Bill Gates, but he also is a regular guest at the playboy mansion. This man is clearly a capital "b" badass. Use a respectful tone in his presence.
Chuck Norris: Dude I totally hung out with Hoopes the other day
Bill Gates: Did not
Chuck Norris: did too
Bill Gates: Hoopes is such a badass
God: yep
by jolly roger69 November 19, 2010
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Used as a Noun (pronouced - hoop-s)

-A homo erotic fantasy involving 3 men and a basketball. One man puts the basket ball under his stomach and the other two men, are in front and behind him on their knees, the first man then rolls back and forth.

~also- see twinks playing basketball
Used as and Adj.

- A term to describe a socially awkward person who attempts to be funny by being loud.
1. Dude, I walked in on these total faggots , doing the Hoopes manuever in a locker room.

2. That drunk guy at the bar is such a hoopes, I wish he would leave.
by SpyderPig July 22, 2010
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