Refer to a college campus. Especially with " Historical Black Colleges and Universities" (HBCU)
The frat had a step show on the yard before the football game.

He lives on the yard (dormitory)
by cldsss October 9, 2006
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I get home and post on my snapchat story “yarded🏠” to let others know i’m at home
by sno🤙🏽 May 16, 2018
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The quad or general outdoor gathering place on a college campus, particularly a historical black college.
I'll meet y'all out on the yard after class.

There's going to be a step show on the yard after the game.
by nough shame July 8, 2011
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hanging ground. chilling ground, home, area where you live
ive got bare mans up my yard
by tom and steve October 26, 2003
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your home
"my milkshake brings all the boys to my yard.."

"meet you at my yard in 5, aight?"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
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driving through people's yards with your vehicle

pretty much drifting trees and ravaging shrubs

fun way to pass the time if you live in a small town

best vehicles to use are those you don't give a shit about

"I know who ran through my yard and its not cool. I spent good money for 2 apple trees that are dead now. I would suggest you get a new hobby. You also didnt happen to see my deer cameras in my yard that took your photograph. I would advise you not to run though my yard again. " - local mother

"damn, i love yarding." - all yard harders.
by originally4cylinder December 29, 2011
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Slang for 100 usually refers to currency
Man that Gucci t-shirt set me back a yard, but it looks door with my Versace jeans
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