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'Guac' short for Guacamole is a derogatory term used in the Midwest towards people of Hispanic decent, especially Mexicans.
I really wanted to see that concert, but it was in the heart of a Guac neighborhood.
by MidWestSlangExplained October 10, 2017
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Slang term for the town of Chesterton, IN. People assume it's nick name came from the towns phonetic similarity to the word 'cheese', however this is NOT the case. The town has been plagued with heroin addiction for more than two decades, due to its high income, and close proximity to the south side of Chicago, it makes for an easy area to push Heroin. Heroin is known as "Cheese" and this is where the term "Cheesetown" came from.
No, I'm not from Illinois, I'm from Cheesetown.
by MidWestSlangExplained February 15, 2017
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Northern Midwest slang for cigarette. The term has its roots in cheap, inexpensive cigarettes, but has since evolved to mean cigarette in general. It is believed that the term "Skag" was originated in Ohio.
Hey man, can I bum a skag?
by MidWestSlangExplained July 19, 2016
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Honeypot is a term used on the deep web to identify websites which are likely sting operations. They are characterized by being easily found, and generally selling illicit drugs, or illegally selling firearms for prices too good to be true. As stated previously these deep web sites are generally sting operations ran by the FBI.
I was going to buy some drugs off this site I found on the deep web, but I suspected it was a Honeypot; I didn't buy the drugs in the end.
by MidWestSlangExplained March 15, 2017
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