An urgent situation in which a bear must drop all of his plans to satisfy an important booty call.
Sorry I'm late, everyone - I had a honeypot emergency with the guy I met at the Mid-Atlantic Leather conference last night.
by Tobymike January 15, 2009
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A tweet where you can safely block or mute 99% of the authors in the replies.
Have you seen this tweet by this journalist about the vaccines, it's a true social honeypot.
by duivvv May 10, 2021
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The drippings from a pussy after a great fuck where both people got their rocks off.
I tell you, her pussy is so sweet, I even like licking the honeypot juice.
by Pompatus of Love September 4, 2016
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The HoneyPot is a part of Ulverston Situated Very close to the Canal, The People of the HoneyPot are genrally friendly and considerate however you do find the odd DickHead now and again, in fact theres one that lives at the top of devonshire Road, One of the more colourful characters of the HoneyPot is the Late Kathleen Henderson, a Formidable Lady if there ever was one, but a Kind lady to those who new her. now the HoneyPot is full of drug adicts now, thanks to the local council dumping all the filth there. Pitty realy It was once a Homely Place, Maybe it willbe Again
by Mark on the HoneyPot March 7, 2009
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Jill: "She asked me to talk dirty to her and I had no idea what to say. I failed"
Jill's favorite neighbor: "Did you try "Plow my waiting honeypot(; "?"
by TheFavNeighbor November 19, 2010
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